Supplier Management

The designation of "Customer of Choice" with your most key supplier relationships can lead to intangible business benefits. Negotiation of further reductions on pricing only goes so far. The ability to foster committed and mutually beneficial relationships with suppliers often leads to extraction of added value at no additional cost.

Moving key supplier relationships from transactional to a true strategic partnership should be the goal. 

Typical business challenges to address through more effective Supplier Management include:

  • Improving supplier performance
  • Incremental value from supplier relationships when price reduction is no longer viable
  • Risks associated with existing supplier relationships (Sole source, competitor, acquisition target)
  • Gaining more efficiency and control around the supplier on-boarding / off-boarding process

The Creovia Group can support your Supplier Management efforts through:

  • Supplier Management Framework
  • Supplier Segmentation Modeling
  • Risk Ranking Methodology
  • Tools to control supplier approval process
  • Supplier Business Continuity Planning