Process Transformation

Change is difficult, especially when current processes are not exhibiting clear signs of failure. The rationale behind continuous improvement holds that when one bottleneck is removed from a process, the next will be become clearly visible. In this way, process improvement is truly on-going, and the benefits to your business can be infinite.

Knowing how to identify process inefficiencies and quickly effect change to correct them requires a disciplined approach.

Typical business challenges faced when evaluating process change include:

  • Amount of time and resources spent on tactical or manual processes
  • Technology tools properly deployed and utilized
  • Documented processes that are consistently being followed; eliminate manage by exception
  • Processes that are effective and repeatable to drive desired business results

The Creovia Group offers subject matter expertise in process transformation through:

  • Lean methodologies and principles
  • Facilitation of Value Stream Process mapping, bottleneck identification (Kaizen events)
  • Machine learning and automation to eliminate manual processing
  • Source-to-Pay / Purchase-to-Pay process improvement
  • Organizational design and alignment